Michelin Tyres Performance and Responsibility Report

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By Katherine Clarkson

Michelin tyres has published its fourth edition of its Performance and Responsibility report, which focuses on the 2007-2008 period.

The new report is a summary of the progress achieved during the year in relation to the tyres manufacturer’s sustainable development approach.

It is designed around the five stages of the tyre’s life: tyre design, raw materials and purchasing, tyre manufacturing, commercialisation of tyres and tyres in use, and end-of-life recovery.

The 80-page document details Michelin’s outlook on the issues of road mobility and the tyre industry as it goes through a critical time.

The report also details each stage of the tyres life, it explains the actions deployed and objectives achieved, notably:

• the progress made on its new Energy Saver tyre lines and the upcoming European and US regulations establishing consumer information regarding tyres’ grading based on their performance
• the environmental performance of the its sites with the progress made on its MEF (Michelin sites Environmental Footprint) indicator
• a report on its actions to help preserve ecosystems on its sites
• the improvements achieved within its Specialty Tyre Lines,
• Road safety events, on and beyond tyres.

The study also highlights the continued deployment of Michelin’s sustainable development approach in a number of areas, including quality of life for staff on site and strides in relation to end-of-life tyre recycling.

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