Michelin tyres launch ‘chatbox’ feature on website

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Michelin has introduced a new ‘chatbox’ feature on its corporate website which enables visitors to engage in a little tête-à-tête with the iconic Bibendum.

The iconic Michelin Man informs visitors to the tyres manufacturers website: “I am here to answer our questions and to talk to you about Michelin.”

The feature was created by VirtuOz appears on the michelin.com website’s home page and provides a human-like interface between users and the Michelin brand, according to Tyres and Accessories.

Apparently, Bibendum is the first world-famous brand icon to interact with users in this way.

According to Tyres and Accessories: “Conversations with the Michelin man can be held in English or French – Michelin’s two official languages – and the chatbot is programmed to converse on around 10,000 topics each month. The virtual Bibendum can answer questions both about himself and the company, and he is also well versed in helping visitors to find their way around the Michelin website.

“Michelin says it considers Bibendum, who has been the Michelin brand mascot since 1898, the best possible ambassador for sharing information about the organisation, its history and its businesses. Based on technology that resembles artificial intelligence, the system behind his virtual persona will become increasingly effective as it “learns” from each new conversation.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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