Advertising watchdogs sink teeth into Michelin tyres ad

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Michelin tyres must be feeling a bit deflated after their TV commercial has fallen foul of UK advertising watchdogs.

The offending advert shows the tyres manufactures enigmatic mascot Bibendum – otherwise known as the Michelin Man – waging colossal battles against evil fuel pumps to rescue motorists from high prices.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority have stepped in following 15 complaints over the commercials claim that the EnergySaver tyre could save up to 80 litres of fuel.

Michelin has accepted the ASA ruling that it must change the wording of its advert when wishing to continue with the “right tyre changes everything” campaign.

Complaints received by the ASA focused on the fact that Michelin had not specified the timeframe in which motorists would make the stated fuel savings. The contentious “up to 80 liters of fuel” in fact refers to savings gained over the tyre’s entire lifetime – estimated to be 45,000 kilometers – and the ASA states this needs to be clarified.

Michelin says it will comply with the ruling in order to give its customers the most truthful message possible.

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