Michelin Million

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By Andrew Williams,
Contributing Editor

What is reasonable mileage? How often do you change your tyres? Well, a Plymouth based, food-distribution company is working on the theory that anything over 1 million kilometres is fine.

When the Samworth Brothers bought a new MAN TGA tractor unit in 2004, it came with Michelin XDE2 casings fitted as Original Equipment. After over half a million kilometres the tyres were regrooved, which enabled them to put in another 120,000 kilometres of service. After over 600,000km the Samworths may have felt that they had got their moneys worth but no, they could see the possibility of squeezing further mileage out of these hard-worked tyres. Accordingly the tyres were removed and sent to the Michelin Remix centre in Stoke-on-Trent, here they were remoulded into a set of XDE2 Remix tyres.

These Remix tyres have now pushed the total mileage beyond the 1 million kilometre mark, and these tyres are not finished yet. They still have a further 10mm of tread, and when that is worn down to the limit of 3-4mm the tyres will be regrooved for the second time.

Kelvin Hunn, fleet maintenance controller for Samworth Brothers, paid tribute to the combined efforts of his company and the tyre manufacturers; ?With our knowledge of Michelin products combined with Michelin?s understanding of our requirements and their ongoing support, it is the perfect example of what can be achieved through commitment, hard work and good tyre management?.

Obviously, such tyre management has great financial advantages for a haulier while, at the same time, helping to reduce their carbon footprint. As these particular Michelin tyres keep rolling, it would seem they must have set some kind of mileage record. Unless anyone out there knows differently?

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