Michelin leads field in independent tests on car tyres

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By Oliver Hall

Michelin car tyres have been shown to lead the way in environmental performance, according to two independent testing organisations.

The French manufacturers tyres were judged to offer longer life and reduced fuel consumption compared to their main European competitors, whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety on wet roads.

These were the findings of DEKRA and TÜV SÜD after they carried out tests on Michelin’s 175/65 R 14T Energy Saver and 225/40 R 18Y Pilot Sport 3 car tyres and in each of these categories the Michelin tyres were up against their main European competitors from Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear and Pirelli.

The results show that in each tyre category, Michelin came out on top by offering the best performance in terms of tyre life, rolling resistance and wet braking. As an example, compared to the average of the competitors’ results, the Michelin Energy Saver tyres offered around 19% longer tyre life, 17% better rolling resistance and a 7% improvement in wet braking performance. The Pilot Sport 3 was around 22%, 11% and 11% better than the average of the competitors, respectively (see separate sheets for results).

The tyre life tests were done by DEKRA and the rolling resistance and wet braking tests were done by TÜV SÜD. All tyres were bought from European tyre dealers to ensure they were exactly the same specification as those available to consumers on the replacement market.

The tyre life tests were carried out over 7,000 to 10,000 kms using two fleets of identical cars: Peugeot 206 plus for the 175/65 R 14s and VW Golf V for the 225/40 R 18s. Driving in four-car convoys, the tyres were switched between the cars and the cars’ position in the convoys was rotated to ensure the usage of all tyres was the same. Drivers were also switched between cars to ensure outside influences were reduced to the absolute minimum.

The rolling resistance tests were done using a rolling drum machine, which is approved by the European Commission, and in accordance with the latest ISO28580 specifications.

Taking into account longevity, fuel economy and safety, motorists can be sure that Michelin is still in pole position and leading its premium competitors in today’s highly competitive car tyre market.

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