Michelin launch new Alpin 5 winter tyres

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Michelin has announced details of its latest winter tyres, the Alpin 5 which is designed to deliver maximum safety in all winter driving conditions from October to April.

According to Michelin, most motorists assume winter tyres improve safety when driven on snow, and a global study revealed that only six per cent of drivers expect winter tyres to deliver grip on all types of surfaces, whether snow-covered or not.

However, Michelin is keen to send the message that the reality is quite different and that winter tyres also offer improved performance during other winter conditions.

It reports that in Europe, roads are covered with snow only a few days between October and the following April and studies conducted by the Traffic Accident Research Chair of Dresden University in Germany (VUFO), show that European motorists drive mainly on cold roads in winter, whether dry or wet, but do not have to deal with snow very often.

Yet, according to VUFO, 92% of cold-weather road accidents occur on dry or wet roads, while only the remaining 8% happen on snow-covered or icy roads. In winter, drivers are twice as likely to have an accident on a wet road than on a dry road, and one-third of all accidents occur on cold wet roads.

Regulations regarding winter tyres in Europe vary from one country to another. However many European countries require the use of winter tyres or special equipment during the winter months. This law means that even if most winter driving is not on snow-covered roads, winter tyres provide additional safety.

As the sole point of contact between the car and the road, tyres are a key safety component and Michelin concludes that its new Alpin 5 delivers “the best grip in all winter road conditions and all driving situations”.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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