Michelin enters the race to supply Formula 1 tyres

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Michelin has entered a bid to be Formula 1’s new tyre supplier from 2017 and wants to switch to bigger and stronger tyres.

Pirelli tyres, which has supplied the sport since 2011, is currently seen as the favourite to retain its position.

Michelin, which previously supplied F1 tyres between 1977-84 and 2001-06, wants to change the existing approach of having fragile 13 inch tyres on which drivers cannot push to the limit for more than a couple of laps, to 18 inch alternatives.

Pascal Couasnon, motorsport director for Michelin tyres, revealed it is “disappointed with where F1 is tyre-wise”, which echoes increasing disenchantment from many fans and some of the drivers who believe that the cars are not as challenging as they used to be.

Couasnon said he believed “there’s another way to ensure a good show, with high-technology tyres lasting with good grip”.

He told motorsport.com: “Whether we’ll be selected or not, we’ll see, but I’d say we want to be coherent with our proposals and offer the opportunity to the teams and the drivers to have a tyre that enables everyone to express themselves and drive to the max.”

However, Pirelli has been acting on a strict brief from F1 commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone, who believes fragile tyres and multiple pit stops are a winning formula for the sport.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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