Michelin develops tyres that grip better when they are old than their rivals new tyres

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Michelin has designed a new tyre that it claims offers better grip when it is worn than its competitors tyres deliver when they are brand new.

According to Michelin tyres, the Premier A/S tyre uses revolutionary new technology, which provides drivers with exceptional levels of safety even as their tyres wear down.

The Michelin tyre combines hidden grooves that emerge as it wears down, expanding rain grooves that widen over time to continue to evacuate water and a unique rubber compound for increased wet grip.

And the tyres manufacturer boasts that this gives its new tyres a shorter wet braking distance than that of its leading rivals from Goodyear and Bridgestone when they are new.

Scott Clark, chief operating officer of Michelin North America’s passenger and light truck tyres division, explained: “The Michelin Premier A/S tyre represents a significant breakthrough in automotive safety. With our truly revolutionary advancements in tyre technology, we are able to directly address the effects of tyre wear on traction and have been able to break the traditional paradigm.”

The Premier A/S tyres will initially only be available in the, where all-season tyres are popular in snow states, but Michelin claims the construction materials and expanding and hidden rain grooves will be introduced on its road tyres across the world.

Tyre rely on grooves between the treads to evacuate water and maintain grip with the road. Until now, tyres traditionally lost traction in wet conditions as the tread became worn and grooves lost depth decreasing the tyres ability to funnel water away, increasing stopping distances and the chances of aquaplaning.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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