MG picks Goodyear to supply new tyres for MG3

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Goodyear has been chosen to supply the new tyres for the latest MG to roll off the production line.

The decision links two iconic companies who are both based in the West Midlands. The new supermini will roll off the car makers Longbridge production line, while the new tyres will be made using a special rubber compound made by the tyre manufacturers Wolverhampton plant.

Ian Taylor, Goodyear’s Wolverhampton production director, said: “It’s good news for Goodyear and good news for MG.

“It is good that we can build partnerships with another Midlands company, particularly one that has been around so long like ourselves. MG can trace its roots back to 1905, while we have been here since 1927.”

The deal with Goodyear sees it provide its newly developed EfficientGrip Performance tyre for the cars.

The new tyres are manufactured at Goodyear plants in Germany, France, Slovenia and Luxembourg, but each one contains a specially-formulated rubber compound created at its Wolverhampton factory.

Developed jointly between the team in Wolverhampton and Goodyear’s laboratories in Luxembourg, the new tyres hit the market in March and were chosen for the MG3 because of their fuel efficiency ratings and high marks for performance.

Rachel Eade, head of automotive at the Manufacturing Advisory Service, said: “It is excellent to see two iconic names in Midlands manufacturing collaborating together. MG could have gone anywhere in the world for their tyres but they chose to work with a company in the UK, a Midlands neighbour.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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