Make sure tyres are safe and legal for Easter get-aways

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The Easter weekend is almost here and for all motorists planning on taking to the roads in their cars, caravans or motorhomes, it’s worth taking a few minutes to make sure their vehicle tyres are safe and legal.

Whether you are planning a mini-break, visiting friends or family or taking a day-trip, follow these simple steps to help stay safe on the roads.

Give your tyres a visual once-over, check for signs of wear-and-tear, cracks and bulges. Any of these could lead to a puncture or a blow out at speed.

Make sure the tyre tread is well within the legal limit of 1.6mm, anything less is potentially lethal and remember, the more tread, the better the grip, the safer the car.

And finally, make sure your tyres are properly inflated. If the air pressure is not what the manufacturer recommends (you can find it in the vehicle handbook or in the door jam), you will have less control over the car.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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