Make sure car tyres are correctly inflated to save pounds at the pumps

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By Denna Bowman

With the welcome news that supermarkets are cutting the price of fuel for the second time in four days, etyres urges motorists to check the pressure of their car tyres to save help save more money at the pumps.

Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons dropped both petrol and diesel prices by 2pm from today. The reduction comes just four days after prices were last reduced and reflects an ongoing lowering of the wholesale fuel price.

Under inflated car tyres cause higher fuel consumption as the tyres have an increased rolling resistance, which means that the engine has to work harder and more fuel is used, making the car less economical. Research shows that when car tyres are under-inflated by just 20 per cent or around 6psi, 3 per cent more fuel is used.

etyres recommends motorists follow these simple steps to make sure their car tyres are properly inflated so they can start saving fuel and cash:

* Pressures should be checked against the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended level. This can be found in the vehicle handbook and on a plate which is often located inside the fuel filler flap or on the driver’s door sill

* Check the pressure when car tyres are cold (i.e. when they have travelled less than two miles).

* If a vehicle is carrying a full load of passengers or luggage or will be towing a trailer or caravan, the pressure inside the car tyres should be increased in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Details can be found in the vehicle handbook

* Ensure a reliable and accurate pressure gauge is used to check the car tyres

* Check the pressure in all four car tyres and the spare tyre as well

* While checking the pressure of car tyres, give the rest of the tyre a visual inspection. Remove any stones and other objects embedded in the tread. Look out for any bulges, lumps or cuts which are likely to mean the tyre needs repairing or replacing.

etyres supply and fit a wide range of competitively priced car tyres to suit all budgets. etyres customers also enjoy the benefits of its free mobile service, which means they can have their new car tyres fitted at their home or work.

For advice or more information about ordering new car tyres contact the National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000.

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