Make checking your trailer tyres part of your safety routine

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Whether your car tyres get plenty of wear on a daily commute to work or rolling around town doing school runs, it is vitally important that they are properly maintained to ensure they are safe and legal.

But this message is just as important for caravan, motorhome and trailer owners, even though their tyres may not get regular year-round use.

etyres Dunstable came across a good example of how potentially dangerous this can be when it was called to replace the trailer tyres on a vehicle belonging to a member of a gliding club.

The owner admitted that while many gliders benefits from an annual winter inspection, the trailer tyres which are so important in manoeuvring it safely, are often overlooked.

Trailer tyres rarely need replacing due to the tread having worn out, the main reason for changing your trailer tyres is age. Made of rubber, they are perishable and over time the material hardens and deteriorates causing cracking to the sidewalls and tread which can lead to a dangerous blowout at speed.

Safety experts recommend that tyres should be replaced every five years, and certainly before they reach the age of seven. The date your tyres were manufactured is printed on the side of the tyre and takes three forms:

* 2000-on: ‘DOT AAAA WWYY’ – where WWYY is the two digit week and year of manufacture, eg 2308 was made in week 23 of 2008.

* 1990-1999: ‘DOT AAAA WWY∆’ – WWY is the two digit week and single digit year of manufacture followed by a triangle symbol, eg ‘275∆’ was made in week 27 of 1995.

* 1980-1989: ‘DOT AAAA WWY’ – WWY is the two digit year of manufacture, eg, ‘184’ was made in week 18 of 1984.

It only takes a couple of minutes to check how old your tyres are and it could save you a lot of hassle and expense down the road.

etyres is also an approved Tyron safety band dealer and we supply and fit these potentially life-saving devices to your trailer, caravan or motorhome. Tyron safety bands prevent your tyres coming off the rim if you get a puncture.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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