Motorway chaos and damaged tyres as section of the M25 collapses

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As if the usual rush hour tailbacks, heavy rain and high winds weren’t enough for motorists to contend with on the M25 this morning, absolute chaos erupted after a section of the UK’s busiest motorway collapsed.

Police said vehicles had been left with damaged tyres after the road surface near Leatherhead in Surrey fell in at about 5.30am an traffic inched forward on the motorway between junction 9 and 12, causing a massive 15-mile tailback as highway workers cleared debris from the anti-clockwise carriageway and three lanes are closed off.

The incident serves as an extreme reminder of the damage that can be caused to tyres when vehicles drive over potholes, especially when there is heavy rain and standing water on the roads.

Not only can the potholes cause damage to a car and tyres, but it can inadvertently cause a car accident. Drivers can come upon a hole and swerve quickly in an attempt to avoid it. This can lead to motorists putting themselves into the path of another driver unexpectedly. It is therefore important to be on the lookout for potholes by staying focused on the road and keeping adequate distance from the car in front to allow a reaction to their driving should they seek to avoid a pothole.

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