Kumho winter tyres make light work of heavy snow

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Sometimes seeing is believing and if you were in any doubt about the benefits of fitting winter tyres check out this Kumho winter tyres clip we found on YouTube.

This car enthusiast decided to put his new Kumho winter tyres to the test by driving through some deep, deep snow.

As he puts it: “testing out my kumho i-zen w19 winter tires. found the deepest patch of snow i could find and tried my best to get stuck. for reference the car is RWD and has a 4.0L V8 powering the rear wheels. worst combination for a winter car but still couldn’t get stuck. :D”

Kumho winter tyres have been a popular choice for our customers around the UK during the last few months. The south Korean company offer a decent range to chose from, including the I’Zen KW17, I’Zen KW23 and the I’Zen XW KW17.

Motorists are increasingly switching opting to fit winter tyres because they offer better performance than standard tyres when temperatures dip below 7C.

etyres offer a wide range of winter tyres to choose from and customers can have their new winter tyres fitted at their home or work instead of having to go to tyre depot or garage.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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