Kumho enters race to supply F1 tyres

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Forget the political clambouring going on around the House of Commons, the big power struggle in the world of Formula One is who is going to be the new tyres supplier for next season.

A fourth tyres manufacturer has announced its decision to enter the race and join the other contenders revving up on the starting line.

South Korean tyres company Kumho has emerged as a late runner and have submitted their letter of intent to motorsport’s governing body, the FIA.

Michelin, Pirelli and Avon are already in contention to take on the role and in another amazing twist, there are also even reports that existing supplier Bridgestone may reconsider its decision to quit the sport.

Apparently, Bridgestone’s Formula 1 bosses are to make a renewed push to try and get Japanese company board members to reconsider the decision to quit the sport at the end of this year.

All in all, it looks like this is a race that will still be rumbling on long after the political parties have resolved their power struggle.

Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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