IAM warns motorists about the dangers of putting off tyre repairs to save money

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By Denna Bowman

Motorists are ignoring the risks involved in neglecting their tyres and putting off tyre repairs altogether to save money, according to the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM).

It estimates that around half of vehicle owners don’t check their tyre pressures regularly, leading to thousands of tyre-related incidents – a staggering 3,852 were reported on England’s motorways between April and the end of June alone this year.

Neglecting tyre repairs and tyre issues can lead to accidents and all sorts of problems, blow-outs at high speed; loss of handling and grip and completely flat tyres, yet still only 53% of a Highways Agency national satisfaction survey respondents reported they regularly checked their tyres.

Many motorists will often put off tyre repairs to save on costs. But, as the IAM stresses, it is actually cheaper to replace worn or damaged tyres where necessary, rather than waiting to face a burst tyre and having to be towed off the motorway.

Even the most basic tyre repairs, like adjusting the air pressure levels, could save motorists money in the long run.

Therefore the IAM is urging vehicle owners to follow the PACT code:

P – Performance. You can monitor the state of your tyres through observation of the performance of your vehicle; grip, handling and fuel economy will all be improved with correct tyre care.

A – Air pressure. It is essential that you check your tyre pressures on a regular basis for maximum performance. Low tyre pressure can cause increased fuel consumption as well as making them more susceptible to damage.

C – Condition. Inspect tyres for any cuts, bulges, uneven wear or objects embedded in the tread.

T – Tread depth. Monitoring your tyres’ tread is essential for safety, particularly on wet roads. Check that your tread depth is not below the legal minimum of 1.6mm.

Peter Rodger, IAM chief examiner, said: “Regular tyre checks are the best way to keep on top of maintenance and avoid those nasty surprises both to your vehicle and to your wallet.”

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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