How old tyres helped Robert Downey Jr get in shape for Iron Man

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Who’d have thought a bunch of old truck tyres contributed to Robert Downey Jr getting into shape for his latest blockbuster, Iron Man 2.

Apparently, the Hollywood heart-throb’s workout routine involved pounding truck tyres with a sledgehammer, according to his trainer.

Brad Rose, who got the actor into peak physical fitness for both the Iron Man movies, explained: ‘After [the first routine], Robert felt kind of bored with it and wanted to something a little more exciting.’

Rose’s solution was a regime that he dubbed “Rocky IV meets high-tech training”.

‘We went out and bought truck tyres, and we used sledgehammers – anywhere from, two four-pound sledgehammers in each hand, all the way up to a full 20-pound sledgehammer – and we were just beating tyres with it.”

Another routine involved filling fire hoses with sand and water in order to “drag and whip them to build the shoulder muscles and pecs back up”, Rose said.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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