How old tyres can boost your potato crop

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We are always keen to bring you news of interesting ways old tyres can be recycled and we think this is a ‘mashing’ idea.

Apparently, by planting your potato seedlings in a tower of old tyres filled with soil can do wonders for potato crops, according to an article in the Telegraph newspaper.

It states: “Seed potatoes perform best if chitted: as soon as you get them home leave them in the light to encourage new shoots, knocking off any more than three chits before planting.

“Plant in the ground (8in down, 12in apart) or, for better quality, in a large container with drainage. This gives you more control over conditions and it makes life trickier for slugs and snails.

“A stack of three car tyres filled with compost is perfect as the black rubber warms up quickly, boosting growth.”

At etyres we use carefully selected tyre disposal companies to recycle all your old tyres, but if you want to hang on to them to use as planters for your spuds just let your fitter know!

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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