How making a choice between cheap tyres and premium brands has got easier

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Tyres are usually a distress purchase and for many motorists the decision comes down to price.

Our customers are often looking for cheap tyres, but they also want to be assured that they are buying a decent product. Whether you are buying expensive premium brands or a product from the economy range, which are the cheaper tyres, safety and value for money are still important.

That is why the new EU tyre labelling legislation, which was introduced last year, is good news for vehicle owners. It gives you the chance to see how cheap tyres measure up to their mid-range or premium brand counterparts.

All tyres, even the cheap tyres, must now carry a label which displays their performance in three key areas — wet braking, fuel efficiency and noise emission.

It might come as a surprise that some of the cheap tyres available to buy, including Primewell and Autogrip, have achieved particularly good ratings for wet braking, which has been of great benefit to anyone who fitted them during the last few months.

But whether you opt for top of the range or cheap tyres, you must make sure you take care of them in order to enjoy the best performance and value for money they have to offer.

This means making sure they are properly inflated and checked regularly for signs of damage, cuts, bulges, etc, which can be repaired. Even well maintained cheap tyres will make your car more fuel efficient – saving you extra money.

etyres supply and fit a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets, whether you are looking to splurge out on a set of high performance tyres or a set of cheap tyres.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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