How businesses can slash motoring costs by properly inflating tyres

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Businesses looking to make savings on their motoring expenses can learn a valuable lesson from Anglian Water. After teaming up with Michelin tyres five years ago it has striven to ensure correct tyre pressures across its fleet of vehicles – saving almost £80,000 in fuel costs!

A sample of nearly 100 cars and vans inspected by Michelin in the latest study found average tyre pressures accurate to within less than 0.1% across the fleet, compared with under-inflation by an average of 15.2% in 2011.

The results – achieved by educating employees about the importance of tyre pressure maintenance – are estimated to have saved 143.7 tonnes of CO2 and 60,546 litres of fuel over five years.

David Leggett, fleet maintenance workshop controller at Anglian Water, explained: “The relationship with Michelin is not just about them selling us tyres and walking away; it’s about their continued proactive work and innovation to help us to achieve our goals. Michelin has sustained its focus and delivered tangible savings to our fleet every year.”

Andy Fern, Michelin’s head of fleet, added: “If every employer followed Anglian Water’s example, the environmental results could be off the scale. The beauty of this project is that it can be repeated with any fleet – there’s no investment on their part required. It’s about changing attitudes to tyre care for the long-term; we’d be willing to support more customers in achieving these results.”

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