Honesty sets etyres apart from other tyre fitting companies, according to customer

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Honesty is the most valued trait in the way a company provides its customer service and experience, according to a new survey, and this is borne out by how much store consumers set by online review websites, such as Trustpilot.

While 49 per cent of the customers prized openness/honesty, it was closely followed by efficiency (43 per cent) and reliability (41 per cent), in the second annual Customer Experience Survey carried out by the the service design consultancy, Engine.

There are more than 12,000 comments posted about etyres on Trustpilot, the independent online shopping review website, and the vast majority credit the mobile tyre company with offering a 5-star service.

Earlier this week Elizabeth posted a comment which sums up etyres attitude towards being open and honest with all its customers. She wrote:

“As a woman, I was absolutely at the end of my tether when I contacted etyres. I had one tyre in desperate need of changing and each place I’d been to had given me some rubbish story about additional work needing doing including two additional tyres. Each time I had the information checked with my dealer I was told the information wasn’t accurate – at that point in time 1 tyre needing doing. I became so fed up of pressure being applied (almost refusals not to change the one tyre – words like “well, if I was your husband I wouldn’t let you drive on these other tyres”) I eventually rang etyres.

“Along came Chris who was absolutely BRILLIANT. He changed my one tyre quickly and efficiently and asked if I could spend some time while he showed me the tightening of the wheel nuts and how the process worked. I then asked him to check the tyres picked up by other tyre places. He didn’t suck through his teeth and stroke tyres; he took out a depth gauge and professionally showed me the tread depth all over both tyres. He asked my mileage, which is high per month, and told me if I got in touch again in 6 months they would be just about ready for changing. SIX MONTHS driving high mileage on tyres costing about £130 each – £260 unnecessary expenditure at that point in time at other centres!!

“So: if you’re tired of being treated unprofessionally, tired of feeling you’re paying for additional work to be done that doesn’t need doing then contact etyres. I’m confident now that I’ve found someone I can trust who will work in partnership with me honestly, instead of someone ripping me off. PLEASE etyres, don’t ever change this trust/honesty …because that is currently what’s setting you above the rest.”

Reviews on independent websites are valued by consumers, because they give a true account of a company’s performance, also comments shared on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter reveal an honest and straight-forward insight into how a business treats its customers.

etyres welcomes all feedback, because it helps to keep improving and developing its mobile tyre fitting service.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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