Honest John warns against only fitting winter tyres to front wheels

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Customers often ask whether it is possible to just fit winter tyres to their front wheels and we always strongly advise against doing this.

We recommend changing all four tyres to winter tyres, because a vehicle fitted with just two winter tyres can actually be more dangerous as it becomes unbalanced and therefore results in unsafe handling.

This view is shared by TyreSafe, the UKs leading tyre safety organisation and leading tyre manufacturers, including Continental, Michelin and Pirelli.

It is also a view shared by the Telegraph’s motoring agony aunt Honest John, who was recently asked by JA, from Virginia Water: “It has been suggested that I would be OK to fit winter tyres to my front wheels only. What is your opinion?”

The motoring expert responded: “It would be completely wrong and potentially very dangerous. It comes from the misguided thinking that cold-weather tyres do no more than provide traction in snow. Fit them only to the front, however, and the car is highly likely to spin while braking or while descending a slippery hill.”

Customers who are concerned about the initial expense of a buying a new set of winter tyres can benefit from a generous discount offered to all etyres customers.

etyres customers receive £25 off a set of new winter tyres, which means our highly competitive prices are currently even lower. The price quoted includes a new valve, balancing, disposal of the old tyres and VAT. But the biggest benefit of using etyres when you order winter tyres is that if you want to store your regular tyres ready to swap them back again in the spring, etyres mobile service makes it easy to just stash them away in your garage or shed.

etyres also offer a re-fitting service for switching your tyres. For a nominal charge we will return in the spring and autumn to swap the tyres over, and re-balance your vehicle.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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