Holidaymakers Reminded to Check Their Tyres

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Millions of motorists are set to hit the roads for their summer holidays – and many will get underway without undertaking even the most cursory checks on the condition or pressure of their vehicle’s tyres.

If they understood the drastic effect such negligence could have on their journey, they’d probably take the five minutes or so needed for a tyre check.

Bridgestone, the Japanese tyres manufacturer and sole supplier of tyres for Formula One, has released a few statistics that should encourage motorists to do just this.

As part of its Think Before You Drive road safety campaign, conducted jointly with FIA Foundation, Bridgestone has carried out more than 100,000 tyre inspections in Europe since 2005.

This programme has identified that 26 per cent of drivers run on under-inflated tyres. Almost all of these motorists are unaware of the adverse consequences this can bring to their safety, to their fuel budget and to the environment.

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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