Hertz slashes tyre bill after switching to Michelin

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Hertz car rental company has slashed its average tyre spend by almost a quarter per vehicle just two years after adopting a Michelin tyre policy.

It has recorded a 23 per cent drop in its average tyre spend per vehicle, with latest figures showing the average total cost of ownership of tyres per vehicle has dropped by almost a quarter since 2010.

When using generic tyres in 2011 the cost of tyres per vehicle dropped by two per cent compared to the previous year. After the business adopted a Michelin tyre policy in 2012 the average cost initially increased by three per cent compared to the 2010 figure. A year later the average total cost of ownership of tyres per vehicle had dropped by 23 per cent compared to 2010.

Neil Cunningham, general manager of Hertz UK, credits the longevity and durability of Michelin tyres
with the considerable reduction in average cost per vehicle, which has meant that fewer replacements are needed.

He said that the saving was particularly important as over the same time period the size of Hertz UK’s fleet increased significantly. In addition Hertz’s customers renting any vehicle on its fleet benefit from the improved performance on the road provided by Michelin premium tyres.

Cunningham explained: “Our business has been growing at a substantial rate year-on-year both in terms of the number of vehicles we have on fleet, and the number of individual rentals our customers have made. Yet at the same time our average cost of tyres per car has come right down because the tyres we buy last so much longer.”

He added: “We were also very impressed with the safety track record of Michelin tyres, and that the company shares in our sustainability values.”

Peter Wood, Michelin tyres key account manager for Hertz UK, said: “We are delighted that Hertz UK have been able to record such strong results in a relatively short period of time.

“As a company we are very proud of the research and technology that goes into our tyres, and it’s really rewarding to see this brought to life for our customers when their bills are reduced.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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