Hamilton branded a ‘d***head’ after smoking tyres stunt

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Poor Lewis Hamilton got absolutely slated by an Australian minister following his tyres-smoking ‘burn-out’ on the streets of Melbourne last week.

The former world champion was booked by police after his tyres spinning antics created clouds of smoke just hours ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

And as if the humiliation of getting booked by the local police, having his Mercedes sports car impounded and coming sixth in the second race of the season wasn’t bad enough, the 25-year-old racer has been labelled a ‘d***head’ by an Aussie politician.

His timing couldn’t have been worse because his high-jinx came just three days before the Victoria State Government was due to launch it’s ‘Don’t be a d***head’ road safety campaign aimed at bad driving by young motorists.

Victoria’s road minister Tim Pallas told Melbourne radio: “Well, he is certainly a very silly young man, I think, quite frankly.”

Pressed by radio host Neil Mitchell as to whether Hamilton was a d***head, Pallas replied: ‘Well, yes, OK, I’ll say it, yes, he’s a d***head.”

Hamilton was charged with inappropriate use of a motor vehicle under the so-called ‘anti-hoon’ laws after police caught him in the act of spinning the wheels of a Mercedes saloon he was driving away from the race track.

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