Half of young drivers admit they could not change a tyre

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More than half of young drivers aged 18-24 admit to not knowing how to change a car tyre, according to a new survey conducted by Intelligent Car Leasing.

The results of the survey highlight the fact that the majority of young motorists are operating without basic motoring skills in the event of a flat tyre.

Questioned more closely about the results, a small group of young drivers offered the following insights into the results of the survey:

· Breakdown cover is included in their insurance and so they haven’t bothered to learn how to change a tyre

· Changing a tyre isn’t a requirement for passing the test and so they’ve never bothered to learn how to do it

· More cars have run-flat tyres now meaning that learning the skill isn’t necessary.

The survey also revealed that young males are more confident in their abilities than females. The overall response from male participants shows that 57% claimed they could replace a tyre, while the figure was just 34% for female participants.

These results could be explained by a number of different possibilities. Looking at government statistics for number of driving licence holders by gender and age it’s seen that young males hold more licences than females. Therefore they’re more likely to have learned these skills which would explain the response differences.

However it could also be that not being able to complete such a manual task would be seen as embarrassing; causing young males to opt more for yes responses than no as a result.

To see how easy it is to change a tyre watch this short etyres video which demonstrates how to change a tyre.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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