Green Tyres Help Peugeot Break World Record for Fuel Economy

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A Peugeot 308 SR HD1 110 has just entered the Guinness Book of Records for travelling 3,700 on just 29.1 gallons – that’s 132 litres – of diesel!

Most models are equipped with Michelin Energy Saver tyres, which contribute to high fuel economy anyway.

But it would have taken more than just a set of eco-friendly tyres to achieve the 126.8 MPG which was authenticated by Guinness World Records.

The Peugeot, from the Loders dealership in Yeovil, was being driven by a couple known as the “fuel fugitives” who embarked on a similar quest last year.

Then the couple were driving a 308 HDi around Australia and managed to achieve an average of 90.75 MPG over 9,620 miles.

But here in the UK they broke the record, needing just over two tanks of diesel costing approximately £136.24 to travel 3,700 miles – which works out at an incredible 3.6p per mile.

Keiron Isaacs, dealer principal at Loders, said: “We would like to congratulate the fuel fugitives on this fantastic achievement, it just goes to show the fantastic economy Peugeot customers get with our low CO2 vehicles and the potential savings that can be achieved.”

Katherine Clarkson, National Accounts

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