Green Trax

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Trax, the UK’s leading producer of wheel balancing weights, is moving into environmentally friendly production. The company has expanded its Welsh factory, and installed new machinery to enable it to produce steel weights.

Managing Director John Halle explained, “We have developed a unique design and manufacturing method which is the subject of three patent applications. The new steel weights are designed to perform the same as the current Trax zinc weights, which includes the ‘cam-backed’ weights for steel wheels which have been widely accepted as the most universal available.”

Trax will become the first company in Europe to offer steel weights, which are becoming increasingly popular world wide. This growing popularity is due to the fact that steel weights are more environmentally friendly than the traditional zinc weights. Steel weights are lead-free, and are more easily recycled. Many countries are now insisting on lead-free weights, and leading tyre producers are moving in the same direction.

The new steel weights should go on sale in the UK at the beginning of 2009.

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