Great advice if you are driving your caravan abroad

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If you are planning on driving your caravan abroad this summer take a look at the Caravan Talk website for some great tips and advice, especially on the equipment you will need to stay safe and legal in Europe.

The rules and regulations for driving your caravan abroad vary greatly from country to country, so it is well worth spending a few minutes doing a bit of research.

Talk Caravan has focused on the main tourist destinations in Europe and given a detailed account of the requirements.

Here are just a few examples if you are planning on driving your caravan abroad to Austria, Denmark, France, Portugal and Spain:

Equipment needed – Warning triangle, first aid kit, reflective jacket, spare bulbs, nationality sticker, and motorway tax sticker called a vignette (available at some petrol stations, post offices or in ÖAMTC (Österreichische Automobil Motorrad und Touring Club) offices).

Caravan quirks – Caravans should not be parked within 500 metres of a lake.

Equipment needed – Warning triangle and nationality sticker. Reflective jacket, first aid kit and spare bulbs are recommended.

Caravan quirks – You should also check the suitability of your towing mirrors.

Equipment needed – Warning triangle, first aid kit, reflective jacket and breathalyzer test (law due to be implemented 1 March 2013), nationality sticker. Spare bulbs are also recommended.

Caravan quirks – The French police are on the lookout for overloading.

Equipment needed – Reflective vest and nationality sticker. A warning triangle, fire extinguisher and spare bulbs are also recommended.

Caravan quirks – All towing vehicles should display a yellow triangle with blue background sign and your caravan contents should be available as a list for the police to inspect if requested.

Equipment needed – Two warning triangles, spare tyre, reflective jacket, spare bulbs and nationality sticker. If you wear glasses, you should also carry a spare set. Any overhanging loads, such as bike racks, need to have red and white marker boards attached.

Caravan quirks – Two external mirrors are required on your towing vehicle.

To read the full list of tips and advice on driving your caravan abroad go to

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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