Goodyear Tyres Scoop Award for DuraSeal

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By Oliver Hall

Goodyear chiefs are bouncing for joy after winning a prestigious award for their tyres protection product from the rubber industry.

The DuraSeal technology, which belongs to the company’s Max Technoogy concept, is used in Omnitrac truck tyres to combat punctures.

The tyres have an additional layer beneath the tread which consists of a special yellow gel-like rubber mixture.

When the tyre is penetrated by an object, such as a nail, the gel flows into the puncture and forms a plug, which is impermeable to air.

DuraSeal also seals the puncture, up to 6mm in diametre, when the nail is removed. The technology allows vehicles with punctures to remain in operation until the tyre is repaired or retreaded.

Goodyear received the Product Award 2009 in the elastromer category for DuraSeal from the German Rubber Association.

Typically, vehicles in the waste management and construction industries suffer from regular punctures. Repair or replacing tyres and the associated downtime means high costs.

The technology is now available to order in South Africa.

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