Goodyear reaffirms its commitment to EU tyre labelling with introduction of new EfficientGrip Performance

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Goodyear has introduced its latest contribution to the AA passenger car tyre market in the form of eight sizes of its EfficientGrip Performance tyres which meet the highest wet grip and rolling resistance standards.

The launch reaffirms Goodyear’s reputation for manufacturing one of the largest number of tyre sizes boasting AA EU tyre label grades on the market and its ongoing commitment to innovation.

The AA label delivers the highest grade set out by the European tyre label regulation and signifies a tyre that delivers an A in both fuel efficiency and wet grip. The A label in fuel efficiency means that the tyre’s rolling resistance has been reduced.

Goodyear tyres was the first manufacturer to introduce concept AA tyres in May 2012 – the first day of voluntary implementation of the labelling rules. Since the introduction of those concept tyres, it has continued work on the technology to further improve construction tuning, improved tread compound and an optimised production process.

Lie Junius, director of public affairs at Goodyear, commented: “We committed to labelling in 2012 and continue to see the value of highly labelled tyres to our customers and the community at large.

“Today we build on that commitment, delivering tyres that achieve top ratings in the tyre labelling scheme. And with it, a delivered commitment from Goodyear to help vehicles improve fuel consumption thanks to low rolling resistance, and improve safety thanks to improved wet grip. At the same time we continue to ask the European Union for more enforcement, as we feel that today’s label grades are an excellent approach to better informing consumers of the tyre’s benefits. However, the label only takes into account three criteria, while our own product development team looks at over 50 to ensure we can deliver a safe, solid and high-quality product to market.”

etyres supply and fit a wide range of Goodyear tyres to suit all vehicles and they are all accompanied by the tyre label on its user-friendly website. Click here for more information about the significance of tyre labelling and how it benefits vehicle owners.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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