Goodyear garners praise and awards for EfficientGrip Performance tyre

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We pride ourselves on offering expert and impartial advice to our etyres customers, we recommend the best tyres for their vehicle, driving style and budget. We are also always keen to spot the latest awards and accolades handed out to various tyres, because it helps us offer guidance to our customers.

When it comes to accolades, Goodyear has every right to trumpet the praise heaped on its EfficientGrip Performance tyre, which has secured an impressive 11 podium placements, five of which were first place, in competitive tyre tests from top magazines across Europe.

According to Tyre Trade News, the tests were carried out during May to November 2014 on a range of sizes and the results, which started to appear in publications in February 2015, honed in on the tyres capabilities on both wet and dry roads.

Hans Vrijsen, director of marketing EMEA at Goodyear, commented: “We are very proud of the performance of the EfficientGrip Performance in summer tyre tests. The results across a range of premium publications in EMEA help to reinforce the capabilities of the tyre, including short braking distance on wet and dry roads and low fuel consumption over the lifetime of the tyre due to WearControlTechnology.

“Additionally, the majority of EfficientGrip Performance tyres are rated A on wet grip and B on fuel efficiency, marking the second year for Goodyear that BA labeled tyres have performed so well in summer tyre tests.”

Every tyre supplied and fitted by etyres is accompanied by a tyre label, which can be viewed in advance on our website, where it appears alongside the tyre in question. It rates each tyre in three key areas, wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise emissions.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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