Good samaritan car park attendant pumps up flat tyre to ensure unsuspecting family get home safely

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It is a common enough problem, countless motorists drive around without realising their tyres are flat or seriously under-inflated. So when student Fiona Gray came back to her little Ford KA, which she had parked at Chester Zoo, and found this message on her windscreen, she was very touched and relieved:

“Hi, we noticed that your rear passenger side tyre was low on air (slow puncture maybe!) We have blown it up to 30PSI at 3.45 so hope that gets you home OK.”

She has since been informed that the man who kindly ensured that she and her family got home safely is called Paul Weaver, and has sent him a thank you message on social media.

Twenty-year-old Fiona later commented: “It was such a lovely thing to come back to, and we were all so surprised because it’s such a kind gesture.

“Unfortunately it was just after 4.30pm, when the zoo closes, so we didn’t have to time to ask around and find out who left the note.”

Unfortunately, not all motorists can rely on the kindness of sharp-eyed parking attendants to ensure their tyres are always properly inflated, but it is vital the tyre pressure is maintained at the level recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to help prevent accidents, as well as boosting fuel economy and making the tyres last longer.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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