Get your car tyres ready for winter ahead of coldest months

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From last December to February this year, the AA rescued an astonishing 7,700 vehicles which had become stuck in snow, ice or mud.

It is likely to be a similar story again for the coming months, as the emergency breakdown and assistance organisations, such as the AA and the RAC, gear up for another busy winter.

Yet so many of these incidents could have been avoided if the vehicle owners had fitted winter tyres or properly maintained their regular tyres.

Skidding off the road on ice is a very common occurrence, but if your tyres have got plenty of tread and are properly inflated, the likelihood of it happened is reduced. And if you have invested in a set of winter tyres it is even less likely you will be the one sliding off the road.

etyres recommend customers who rely on keeping their vehicle mobile for work or essential journeys should seriously consider buying a set of winter tyres. The initial outlay can be off-putting, but there are a host of advantages which could easily outweigh the cost. etyres is also currently offering customers £25 off all winter tyres to help make them more affordable.

However, motorists who don’t wish to invest in winter tyres can carry out the following simple checks to their regular car tyres to help them stay safe on the roads:

Check the tread depth of each of your car tyres, in the middle and on the inside and outside. The legal minimum is 1.6mm, however, safety and motoring groups recommend you change your car tyres when they go below 3mm.

Ensure your tyre pressure according to the manufacturers handbook, and ensure the front and rear car tyres are correctly inflated. As well as being safer, correctly inflated car tyres improve fuel economy and can extend the life of your tyres.

Inspect your car tyres for signs of uneven wear, cracks, bulges of objects, such as nails and stone, embedded in the rubber. This could lead to a blowout or slow puncture.

etyres supply and fit a wide range of regular car tyres and winter tyres, to suit all vehicles and budgets and customers can have their new tyres fitted at their home or work.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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