Get to grips with your tyres

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In-car technology has come a long way in the last two decades and while safety advances are much appreciated, motorists must not loose touch with the hands-on tasks that are vital to keep you safe on the roads.

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With everything from speed-limiting devices to blind-spot indicators, electronic stability control to Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, motoring is undoubtedly safer.

However, there are some tasks which we should always find the time to get to grips with, such as checking the condition of our tyres. As the only point of contact a vehicle has with the road, tyres play a massive role in road safety.

Worn, incorrectly inflated or damaged tyres can drastically reduce the effectiveness of a vehicle’s steering and braking systems and lead to blowouts and potentially catastrophic accidents.

Yet with increasing reliance on TPMS, some motorists will probably not spare their tyres a second thought, assuming any problems will be flagged up by a dashboard warning light or during a routine service or MOT.

Even our car washing habits have had an impact on how and when motorists carry out tyre checks. Today, the idea of nipping out on a Sunday afternoon with a bucket of soapy water, a giant sponge and a chamois leather seems as quaint and old-fashioned as filling up a coal scuttle from a bunker in the back garden!

However, checking your tyres should be always remain an important part of your motoring routine, and not just something you rely on a light on the dashboard or an MOT fail to discover needs attention.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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