Get the Right Information When Ordering Tyres

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We sometimes find that customers place an order for tyres with us after entering their vehicle registration number on other websites which purport to tell them what tyres they need.

Unfortunately, the information is usually wrong and can result in a delay in getting your new tyres fitted.

There is no guaranteed short-cut when it comes to re-ordering tyres. You should check what’s on the sidewall and then order to make sure you get the right tyres for your vehicle.

It’s not rocket science, all customers have to do is note down the width, profile, wheel size and speed rating which you find on the side of your existing tyre.

If customers are in any doubt, they can discuss their tyre needs with our National Call Centre.

However, simply relying on the websites that purport to tell vehicle owners what tyres they need will often result in a delay when the tyres have to be re-ordered.

Sabrina, National Call Centre

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