From tyres to tiramisu – Pirelli reveals F1 statistics

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If you are already suffering from Formula One withdrawal symptoms then you are in for a real treat – Pirelli tyres has just released a bumper list of all the statistics from the 2012 season.

The list includes all the stuff you would expect, like the total number of tyres provided for the season and the final number of overtaking manoeuvres, but there are some other little gems, like how much mascarpone was used to make the tiramisu served by Pirelli hospitality!

Here are some of our favourites:

* Total number of Pirelli tyres provided for the season: Race tyres: 31,800 of which 22,500 dry tyres and 9,300 wet tyres plus an additional 6,600 for the tests (not including development tyres)

* Number of Pirelli tyres recycled during 2012: All, i.e. 31,800 race tyres plus 6,600 test tyres

* Longest continuous energy input into a tyre: India (turn 10-11)

* Most laps run on Pirelli tyres: Hard – Kobayashi (798); Medium – Senna (869); Soft – Ricciardo (1,012); Supersoft – Raikkonen (237); Intermediate – Alonso (145); Wet – Kobayashi (104)

* Highest top speed reached by a P Zero F1 tyre: 346.0 kph (Raikkonen / Italy Race)

* Total number of pit stops for the year: 957 (of which 14 were a Drive Through and 2 a Stop & Go penalty)

* Fastest pit stop time: 2.31s (McLaren / Jenson Button at the German Grand Prix)

* Number of overtaking manoeuvres in 2012: 1139

* Most overtaking manoeuvres in a dry race: 90 at the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix

* Most overtaking manoeuvres in a wet race (= most ever): 147 at the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

* Total distance travelled by all F1 tyres in 2012 (off-track): 216,967 kms

* Total number of tweets from Pirelli Media: 5,400

* Total number of Pirelli tyres people travelling to each race: 52

* Total amount of trucks at European races: 13

* Numbers of meals served at the Pirelli tyres F1 hospitality (incl. tests): 24,132

* Number of coffees served by Pirelli tyres hospitality during the season: 28,350

* Number of different pasta recipes cooked by Pirelli’s chef this year: 314

* Amount of mascarpone used for tiramisu and other dolci: 205 kgs

Roll on 2013!

Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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