Former manager fined for selling part-worn tyres which could have led to ‘catastrophic in-service failure’

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By Denna Bowman

A former tyre depot manager has been fined after he was exposed for supplying dangerous part-worn tyres in an investigation led by East Ayrshire Council’s Trading Standards Service.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court fined William Anderson £400 after he admitted selling the illegal tyres whilst manager of Profile Tyres in Kilmarnock’s Academy Street, to undercover Trading Standards Officers.

The two £20 part-worn tyres were examined by an independent expert who reported that one of the tyres had five areas of damage which had not been properly repaired and a nail still embedded in the tread. The expert was of the opinion that further road use of the tyres could result in a ‘catastrophic in-service failure’.

Councillor Tom Cook, Spokesperson for Improving Community Safety said: “In the current economic climate, motorists may be tempted to look for a less expensive option when replacing tyres. Part-worn tyres are an option, but some defects cannot be immediately identified by the untrained eye and motorists are advised to be very careful if making this choice.

“The danger of supplying unsafe part-worn tyres cannot be underestimated as they could potentially endanger lives. It is essential, therefore, that tyre retailers ensure the part-worn tyres they sell are free from defects and have been repaired in accordance with the British Standard.

“The Council’s Trading Standards Service will continue to monitor the sale of part-worn tyres and take strong action against traders who break the law.”

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