Fly Tipping

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By Andrew Williams,
Contributing Editor

Fly-tipping of used tyres is an increasingly serious problem for tyre retailers, and one that, ultimately, is paid for by the consumer.

According to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, fly-tipping incidents are doubling each year. In the year 2006/7 there were 31,990 cases of illegal tyre dumping, and this cost the industry £2m. This is a cost that individual retailers cannot possibly cover, and it is therefore passed on to motorists in the form of higher tyre prices.

When buying new tyres few motorists give a thought to what happens to their old ones. It is obviously in their interest to make enquiries about tyre disposal before buying a new set of tyres. Both the environmental and economic effects of fly-tipping make it imperative that motorists take the issue on-board, and start to make use of their purchasing power to influence the situation.

ETYRES has led the way in the implementation of a green tyre policy, and only works with registered tyre disposal companies. Our Green Policy is outlined by Vicki Butler-Henderson elsewhere on our web-site.

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