Flip tyres to get in shape with Primal Fitness

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Heard about the new new fitness craze which is about working out in an eco-friendly environment and using tyres, sledgehammers and barrels to get in shape rather than the the latest energy powered machines?

Robert Downey Jr took to hitting tyres with sledgehammers to get into shape for Iron Man 2, so it seems the idea is already gathering celebrity endorsement.

But Primal Fitness has now arrived in Manchester. Unlike gyms, the emphasis on getting into shape is placed firmly on low energy consumption, ethically sourced products and keeping it green and mean.

There are no machines plugged into energy sockets. Instead you get a training schedule that brings workouts back to basics.

The training is varied from using a sledgehammer to flipping tractor tyres, rope climbing, skipping, gymnastic rings, lifting barrels and more.

In addition to the diverse classes, there is also enough bench press and free weights to add true variety to your training.

The Manchester gym has been set up by Simon Whyatt, who has seven years professional fitness experience and Fernando Ajmad, a former athlete for the Venezuelan National Swimming Team.

Whyatt said: “Modern gym equipment is not only less effective for your body then the exercises we offer, but an age sat on a piece of machinery doing the same repetitions is boring.

“Going to the gym is hard enough, but when you get there you want it to be fun, challenging, but ultimately know it is doing good for your body.”

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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