Fleet managers advised to claim against pothole damage to van tyres and other mechanical failures

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Fleet operators are being urged to make compensation claims against local authorities for pothole damage to their vehicles, including wrecked van tyres.

Companies are paying out millions of pounds on vehicle repairs, including having new van tyres fitted, because of poorly-maintained road surfaces.

On average, fleets are facing bills of £147 per vehicle to get their cars back on the road at a total cost of £215 million. However, campaign group Potholes.co.uk is urging fleet operators to take the time to make a claim against the relevant authority if their vehicles suffer damage, including damage to their van tyres.

Duncan McClure Fisher, managing director of Warranty Director, who is also the founder of Potholes.co.uk, said: “Fleet managers have the same chance of recouping damage costs as any member of the public.

“We created the ‘how to claim’ guide to make things as clear and simple as possible for anyone who’s suffered because of potholes and we hear from many people who’ve followed the steps and made a successful claim.”

At higher speeds, hitting a deep pothole can cause severe damage the vehicles, especially van tyres, and can also lead to loss of control resulting in impact with other vehicles, the kerb or roadside objects.

However, damage to van tyres and wheels may not be immediately obvious and may only become apparent when other symptoms appear, such as a vibration, the steering wheel doesn’t ‘centre’ properly or it pulls to one side.

It is vital that fleet managers are informed so that they can check the van tyres and have them repaired or replaced if necessary – and consider making a claim against the local authority.

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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