Fit the right tyres to slash motoring expenses

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Vehicle owners looking for ways to reduce their motoring costs will be interested to learn that Southampton City Council has slashed its annual tyre bill by more than 10 per cent after opting to fit premium Michelin tyres across its 460-strong fleet.

The move has resulted in extended replacement intervals and fleet services systems administrator Alfonso Mata commented: “We’re getting improved longevity and durability from every Michelin tyre we fit.”

Although the council is saving tens of thousands of pounds, ordinary motorists can make substantial savings by choosing the right tyre to suit their vehicle and driving style.

etyres supply and fit a wide range of tyres and every one, whether it is a budget, mid-range or premium brand, has a tyre label rating which rates the tyres performance in three key areas: fuel economy, wet grip and noise emission.

Fuel efficiency is measured according to the rolling resistance of the tyres in ratings graded from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). Category D is not used as a grade, which helps to draw a clear line between the top and bottom three grades.

By choosing an A rated tyre over a G rated tyre motorists could reduce their fuel consumption by up to 7.5 per cent, which equates to around six litres of fuel every 625 miles. At an average petrol price of £1.15 per litre, that adds up to a saving of around £250 over the life of the tyres.

For expert and impartial advice about investing in the right tyres contact etyres now on 0800 028 9000.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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