Fast Expensive

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By Andrew Williams,
Contributing Editor

Customers buying replacement tyres through car dealerships and fast-fit outlets are paying up to 50% more than they would pay to an independent, local dealer.

Recent research has confirmed the belief that local tyre dealers offer the best value for money. The research reports that the average car tyre costs £79.79, while the average from local suppliers stands at £62.62, giving a benefit to the motorist of over 25%. It also reveals that while independents are the cheapest suppliers, the most expensive are the fast-fit dealers whose average tyre price stands at £94.21. This means that motorists are paying a premium of over 50% when choosing to buy from a fast-fit supplier.

These price differences are particularly noteworthy for motorists who select ultra-high-performance tyres. The average price point for these tyres, with a speed rating of W or above, is £115.10, but the price difference between tyres purchased from independents and those bought at fast-fit outlets can be as much as £50.00 per tyre. Given that, according to DVLA statistics, the UHP tyres wear out twice as fast as standard tyres the purchase price can add dramatically to a motorists costs.

Pricing has always been central to the ETYRES philosophy, and we keep our prices 40% below those of the leading tyre depots.

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