F1 gearing up for the British Grand Prix this weekend

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Formula One is gearing up for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend, where the variable weather makes tyre strategy hard to predict.

The circuit is well known for being one of the fastest of the year, according to Pirelli, putting a high-energy load through its tyres. Add to this the fact there is a high chance of rain at some point during the weekend and a wide range of temperatures and wind speeds and it is easy to see why it makes the challenge even harder, because it becomes harder to apply the data obtained in free practice to the actual race.

Pirelli has nominated the two hardest tyres in the range, P Zero orange hard and P Zero White medium, to face up to the demands of Silverstone.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli tyres motorsport director, said: “Silverstone is one of the truly great venues of the year, which is steeped in history and always thrilling for the drivers and fans because of the high speeds involved.

“British fans are among the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic of the year: it’s absolutely fantastic to see them out in full force, whatever the weather. And the weather is always a talking point in Silverstone of course; in the past we’ve seen everything from bright sunshine to torrential rain. As a result, the ability to make quick strategy decisions based on real-time conditions is always very important, as you can’t necessarily rely on previous data.

“We’ve brought our two hardest tyres, which should be well suited to the conditions.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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