Experience the 2014 Gevena International Motorshow ‘live’ with Bridgestone tyres

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Can’t make it to the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show? No problem, you can still experience everything the event has to offer thanks to Bridgestone tyres.

Bridgestone tyres has hired Rebecca Jackson, racing car driver, writer and presenter, to be your very own Remote-Controlled Journalist and she will be reporting back from the most popular exhibitors at the Geneva Motor Show throughout the day on Tuesday 4 March.

You can even send tweets to @BridgestoneTyre asking Rebecca to take a look at a particular exhibit you are keen to see or you can vote for your favourite booths (#audi, #bridgestone, etc.). Bridgestone tyres will live stream the whole event on www.beeneverywhere.eu, so it’s the next best thing to being there yourself.

Real-life and virtual visitors to the Bridgestone tyres booth in Hall 6 will be able to experience the future of motoring first hand with new technologies designed to secure a more sustainable tomorrow, today, on show, such as:

* The second-generation prototype of Bridgestone’s 100% recyclable “AirFree” concept

* The revolutionary “ologic” technology setting new standards for aerodynamics and energy efficiency, applied for the first time for the all-electric i3

* The flagship, A/A rated Ecopia EP001S which brings new levels of safety and eco performance to conventional vehicles as well as the Blizzak LM001, Bridgestone’s latest generation of winter lamellen tyres

Sustainability and safety are the messages being driven home by Bridgestone tyres at the 84th International Motor Show, where the emphasis is on keeping motorists rolling and the planet turning.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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