etyres donate old tyres to anyone who wants to give them a new lease of life!

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When it comes to tyres, we know most people would rather just swipe left…but we are delighted that there are those out there who see past their boring looks and recognise the potential they can offer to bring a bit of fun and colour into our lives…as this photo taken by etyres South East London shows!

etyres South East London donate free tyres to pre-school to pretty-up its playground

Our busy tyre fitting team took time to deliver a pile of scrap tyres that would otherwise have been disposed of in a more conventional manner, via an approved tyre disposal company, to a local pre-school who had designs on them.

With a coat of paint, a few plants and a bit of soil, they transformed them into these gorgeous little planters to brighten the playground and used others to create a safe track where the children can have fun on the bikes and scooters, without ploughing into anyone.

Several of our other branches, including etyres Liverpool, have also donated tyres to schools, nurseries and even allotments, for similar purposes. They make ideal containers to grow flowers, plants, vegetables and herbs in, but can also be used to make swings, seats, tables, climbing frames, the list is endless (you just need to check out recycled tyres on Pinterest)!

If you would like to get your hands on some free tyres to turn into crafty creations, contact your local etyres branch to find out when they can drop them off…and make sure you send us photos of your finished project!

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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