etyres Customers posting Trustpilot reviews are in with the chance to win an iPad mini

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We are delighted that so many of our Customers are going on to Trustpilot, the leading consumer watchdog site for online retailers, and posting comments about our service.

And one person out of the first 1,000 to add to our Trustpilot reviews will end up winning an iPad mini!

The Trustpilot reviews that have been posted so far have been full of praise for our ‘five star” service, like this one from Kip Hakes in Chelmsford. Under the headline “Money saved and hassle free’, Kip wrote: “I did a bit of Googling around to see if I could find a company that would come to me and change my tyres. I always loathed taking my car to have its tyres changed at garages, so many hidden extras, balancing, ‘Nitrogen inflation’, disposal, etc. Not to mention being told my brakes needed doing, or they’d spotted something else that ‘needed’ doing. Nothing like that with etyres, I paid upfront, a wonderful chap came and took his time getting the job done properly, there was no hassle or ‘ooh I think the backs need doing too..’ he just got the job done. Was nice to see the nuts torqued back to the factory tightness too, it’s usually a monkey airgunning them to oblivion! All in all a quality, hassle free service.”

Everyone at etyres prides themselves on offering a premium service, whether they are based in the National Sales Team or on the roads fitting tyres with our nationwide branches.

Trustpilot reviews offer real experiences from real people and we believe that achieving so many positive Trustpilot reviews is testament to our success in delivering the exceptional service our Customers expect.

If you would like to add to our Trustpilot reviews and comment on the service you received from us please go to

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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