Economy tyres can offer cost-conscious motorists good value for money and solid performance

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If you need new tyres and do not want to fork out for premium or mid-range brands, please remember that etyres supply and fit a wide range of economy tyres at highly competitive prices.

Buying cheaper tyres does not mean you have to resort to purchasing controversial part worns, our extensive range of economy tyres often surprises our customers, because it offers solid performance and excellent value for money.

Plus, following the introduction of a recent EU tyre labelling regulation, all tyres – including economy tyres – have to carry a label displaying their performance in three key areas — wet braking, fuel efficiency and noise emission.

This new labelling allows you to see for yourself how economy tyres measure up to their mid-range or premium brand counterparts in these three key areas.

Some makes, including Primewell and Autogrip, have achieved particularly good ratings for wet braking.

To make sure you get the right economy tyres to suit your car and driving style, as well as your budget, our National Sales Team can offer impartial advice and guidance on 0800 028 9000.

Whether you decide to opt for economy tyres or a set of high performance tyres from one of the big name brands, such as Bridgestone or Michelin, making sure you look after your tyres can enhance their performance and make them last longer, whilst also making your car more fuel efficient.

If you ensure your economy tyres are always correctly inflated, properly balanced and have even wear, you will get more miles from your rubber.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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