Eco Friendly Tyres

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Kumho Tyres launched its latest eco-friendly tyre, the Solus KH19, at the recent Reifen Essen show.

The flagship tyre is based on the company’s latest technologies including tyre contour optimization and tyre-terrain interaction analysis. The Solus KH19 offers a 35 percent improvement in rolling-resistance and a decrease in CO2 emissions of 6 percent. The tyre is produced using eco-friendly materials such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and it boasts a “nature based” tread pattern designed to provide a smoother ride.

According to Sae-chul Oh, CEO and president of Kumho Tires, “This is a milestone year for Kumho as we strengthen our focus on making greener products. These new tyres improve fuel efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and run more quietly. We have also re-engineered our manufacturing process to make it more environmentally friendly. Kumho has taken this leading role in environmental issues because it allows us to provide tangible benefits to our customers, while simultaneously helping the planet.”

The new tyre will be available in the autumn.

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