Dunlop Tyres Star in Hot Wheels-Style Stunt for Top TV Show

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Forget Formula One for a moment – if it’s fast car action you want get a load of this!

Movie stuntman Steve Truglia will be revving up to perform a Hot Wheels style-stunt for top TV motoring show Fifth Gear tomorrow morning.

Five’s motoring magazine show has teamed up with Dunlop tyres, who are supplying the tyres and sponsoring the Sunday morning special, to see if Steve can perform a real life loop-the-loop stunt.

Dunlop tyres said: “It´s the greatest test we’ve ever set our tyres: a loop-the-loop World Record, without the aid of a safety net!”

Along the way, Steve, who has appeared in James Bond movies, calls on the help of a motley crew of experts from a daredevil aerobatics pilot to a Cambridge University doctor of mechanical engineering – with a few Finnish female stunt riders thrown in for good measure.

The ex-Special Forces soldier-turned stuntman is hoping to set a new world record when he attempts to defy gravity and neck-breaking G-forces to perform the toy-car trick in a life-size car.

Steve needs to hit the launch ramp at the perfect speed. If he is too slow, he will drop out of the sky as soon as he is upside down. If he is too quick, he will experience enough G-force to make him blackout.

Steve has never failed to complete a stunt yet – but will he succeed this time? Turn on your TV at 11.30am to find out!

Denna Bowman

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